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Christian Rønn
Christian Rønn Billeder.jpeg

Christian Rønn is a performer, soundartist, composer and electronic music-producer. Free playing has always been an important part of his creative output, combined with an interest in texture, transformation, feedback and transcendence in generel. As a composer he often works in combination between free playing and notation.
As an organ-player, he performs his own, as well as collaborative, works for organ and multi-channel electronics. He also writes and produces the highly popular electronica-act Ganga and has been scoring film-classics as “Battleship Potemkin”, “Metropolis” and “Man with a Move Camera”.


Grand Piano & live visuals

Contemporary solo Grand Piano with the main focus on improvisation, but also with a nod to the recently released album “NAVN”, in the review of which his playing was likened to both Cecil Taylor and Keith Jarret.
Anders Børup presents live visuals, in which he captures a live image of the keys and the hands playing them and distorts this reality in intricate interplay with the sound. All images and sound is recorded live the during “Pianodays CPH 2021” in Koncertkirken in Copenhagen.

Two grand pianos and electronics Christian Rønn and Eva Sidén @ Pianodays Copenhagen 2021

The work Inside by Sidén & Rønn is a transformative piece which was originally made during an artist in residence at Studio Acusticum in Piteå in the north of Sweden. Inside was firsttimeperformed 2019 by Sidén & Rønn on organ and grand piano with added electronics in seven speakers and video-mapping.


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