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Sidén Hedman duo
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Eva Sidén, Jens Hedman - ”as in the stream of life” from Spiritual Matter (2021)
Eva Sidén, Jens Hedman - Wu Xing: Water (2016)
Eva Sidén, Jens Hedman - State of Mind (2019)

Composer, concert pianist and sound artist Eva Sidén and sound artist and composer Jens Hedman have been making music together as the Sidén Hedman duo since 2010. In their works, they combine piano instruments with electronic and recorded sounds, as well as light, video and other elements.

Since last year, the duo has been working on Spiritual Matter, their latest work. It is a vast multimedia work for choir, organ, grand piano and tape as well as video and light projections. The work is created especially for the church room's special acoustics. Ther duo describes the character of the work as meditative, but not static, rather as a forward movement "as in a stream of life”.

In this concert, an excerpt from Spiritual Matter is performed in a corona-adapted, specially designed setup filmed in the beautiful Sofia Church in Stockholm with video projections and with both piano and organ solos by Eva Sidén. The multi-channel, spatially developed tape recording also includes the choir, which cannot participate in this performance. The entire Spiritual Matter is planned to premiere this fall.

Spiritual Matter is typical of the duo's more recent works in which they strive for a spiritual contact in the music and a tranquility in the listening, which the duo wishes gives the audience an increased inner presence and relation with the music's deeper expression and meaning.

Sidén Hedman duo has made a series of works inspired by the five elements, or phases, of Chinese philosophy. Wu Xing is a concept used to describe and explain a variety of phenomena in reality that we can experience with our senses. The different elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Wu Xing: Water is a purely electro-acoustic work for multi-channel tape and video. The sound consists of rushing, steaming, roaring, thunderous water recorded in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The videos are also taken from there. In all places the water is strongly present in all its states and forms. The audio also includes recorded and processed sounds from a grand piano.

The resulting sounds are enchanting and the mix of natural sounds and piano sounds creates both strong contrasts and strange harmonies. Water was composed during a residency at the French Radio's traditional studio for electro-acoustic music and concrete music, Group de Recherches Musicales. Another work in the series, Metal, was performed by the duo during the Svensk Musikvår 2017 festival in a concert at the Rotunda at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.

The concert ends with State of Mind for electronically processed grand piano and multi-channel tape recording. The Sidén Hedman duo often creates music and installations by searching for special places and creating works that are based on important social, cultural and political issues. State of Mind is a reflection on the time we are in right now.


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