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VIBRANT Festival is a brand new biannual international festival for piano, electro-acoustic music, sound art and video, which is arranged entirely online. The first edition of VIBRANT focuses on artists from the US and Denmark:

Michael J. Schumacher, Lawrence Axelrod, Marcia Bassett, Katherine Liberovskaya, Christian Rønn, Anders Børup and Sidén Hedman duo - Eva Sidén & Jens Hedman.

Each edition of the festival will focus on a different international mix of artists and expressions within the field. The idea for this digital festival grew out of the restrictions that both Covid-19 and climate crisis pose for the arts in order to find new ways to reach an audience. The festival provides a new platform for experimental music and soud art. The digital nature of Vibrant festival also establishes a new - more sustainable - way of producing international festivals.

VIBRANT is founded by Sidén Hedman duo - Eva Sidén and Jens Hedman - Sweden. The Sidén Hedman duo draws from a rich international network in their inclination to find inspiring artists and musicians working on projects. VIBRANT will function as a forum showcasing new music, sound art and video work with a special focus both on projects reflecting interdisciplinary production on the threshold between the visual and performative arts as well as on innovative music for piano.



For the first instance of VIBRANT, internationally working Sidén Hedman duo have invited groundbreaking colleagues from the US and Denmark. The program features a stimulating array of both solo projects and collaborations in which various expressions meet in fixed video-audio installations or live performances.

Michael J. Schumacher presents a series of multi-channel sound installations and abstract video, pianist Lawrence Axelrod presents a great variety of piano solos by Timothy Dwight Edwards, Eric Sawyer, Dylan Schneider, Lewis Spratlan and himself. Soundartist Marcia Bassett and intermedia artist Katherine Liberovskaya present their first joint fixed video-audio work, a collaboration which takes their previous long standing collaboration in live music and live visual performance to a new form. Christian Rønn and Anders Børup meet in a live piano improvisation and live visuals picking up and distorting the image of the keys to create a multi-layered experience. The festival also features one of the latest concert by Sidén Hedman duo, recorded at Sofia Church in Stockholm.


Marcia Bassett & Katherine Liberovskaya



In their first joint fixed video-audio work NYC-based sound artist Bassett and NYC-based Canadian intermedia artists Liberovskaya explore sounds that either defined of that were missed during the pandemic: Eerie silence, randomness of sound encountered and an environment of uncertainty. This work follows a previously extensive collaboration on live music and live visual performance.   MORE

Michael J Schumacher


Still is a dense and lively multi-channel spatialized sound installation, combined with an abstract video. Schumachers sound installations also have been published as computer applications for at home experience.  He has worked as a gallerist for multi-channel sound installation and in collaboration with choreographers. 


Sidén Hedman duo



Sidén Hedman duo works with artistically and technically innovative projects in relation to both other artistic expressions and the audience. They examine both the concert as form and new forms of composition. In their productions they depart from the rich sonorous universe of the piano in combination with electronics, mechanics and scenography.  MORE

Lawrence Axelrod


Pianist Lawrence Axelrod plays work by Timothy Dwight Edwards, Eric Sawyer, Dylan Schneider, Lewis Spratlan and himself. A journey past the great tradition of American song, surreal takes on modified piano sounds, repetitions and distortions of motives, sonorities, technical challenges, geographical features and culturally coded soundscapes.  MORE

Christian Rønn


Christian Rønn is a performer, soundartist, composer and electronic music-producer. His contemporary Grand Piano solo based on improvisation and the recently released album “NAVN” is juxtaposed with Børup’s live visuals which capture the live image of the keys and the hands playing them distort this reality in intricate interplay with the sound.  MORE


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